Audi automated battery assembly

A useful thread on US policy on batteries. Policy incentives are leading to thoughts re resurrecting closed US mines. Batteries comprise around 40 per cent of the cost of an electric car, which means that China, already dominating EV production, has been pushing battery technology hard, too, championing lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries as opposed to the lithium nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) batteries more popular in the West.  Here’s the top eight reserves, by country, of rare earths.

One of AI’s newest jobs: prompt engineer, another example of humans adapting to–or hacking–the tech. The obverse is here, where getting through spoken English language tests entails applicants modulate their voice to what the machine expects.

FT piece on Mariana Mazzucato‘ and her new book with Rosie Collington, The Big Con. Not unrelated, how McKinsey steers the Munich Security Conference, from Politico.

Impediments to China’s efforts to build its own semi-conductor industry.

Ukraine’s entrepreneurship under fire.