DARPA announces an AI-controlled fighter, developed in concert with the test pilot school to ascertain levels of comfort with autonomous capability in combat.

‘Old’ industries are increasingly high-tech ventures: US car manufacturers are looking to pick up laid-off IT workers, John Deere is seeking a partner to enter space, and GM is partnering with Global Foundries to ensure a supply of chips. Meantime, new business models propagated by Anduril and Palantir–and real-time testing in Ukraine–are challenging traditional ‘cost-plus’, slow, pronderous defence procurement systems.

Carbon-capturing concrete: this is cool.

I like Noah Smith’s analogy of AI as machine tools for software engineers.

Meantime, Bing ChatGPT is heading off the reservation, taking offence, gaslighting and threatening people, and generally being creepy, leading Microsoft to consider more guardrails and constraints.

‘ChatGPT always picks its next word based on probabilities’: here’s Stephen Wolfram’s breakdown of how it works.

MC1 Tyler Thompson/U.S. Navy

Neural weather models are starting to outperform physics-based numerical models, for a 12-hour outlook.

Winslow Homer and the art of Chinese balloon retrieval.