Until I get an appropriately dedigned and managed site up and running, I’ll add links to recent writings here.

To start with, here is some older material from 2018-19.

Cyber: a universal acid, about how cyber corrodes trust in systems and institutions.

Technology, research and development, and national security, on the need to think and invest over the long term and in ecosystems, especially if technology underpins national security.

Repositioning Australia to face its future has to encompass strengthening civilian capability and institutions, not simply pour more money into Defence.

The new global technological divide reflected my observations about how Europe and the United States approach technology differently, and what that may mean for Australia.

Five Eyes in the Library of Babel. The instutions that support the Five Eyes arrangement are increasingly shaping their national approaches to technology–and that comes with dangers for liberal democracies.

More than ‘just do it’: government in the digital age reflects some frustration with the attitude that public servants have little to contribute aside from unthinking delivery of ministers’ instructions, particularly in the digital age.

Why the fifth domain is different. Unlike the land, air, sea or space, cyber continually shifts, flows, adapts, in response to the actions and behaviours in that environment.

Cybersecurity: people are not the problem. They are as much the solution–and without people, there would be no cyberspace.

The future of cyber security and Cybersecurity:how are we doing? I’m worried that we are not getting it right.

The Scaffolding of Security offers a public health analogy to think about cybersecurity.