Here are some from 2020.

Surviving in a world of sharper technological competition builds on earlier themes of the need to build Australia’s own technological capability.

Education for the cyber age has to be about more than some narrowly defined ‘cyber skills’.

Wanting privacy doesn’t mean that you’re hiding something, countering the old saw that if you’ve done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear. (Paywall.)

App is no silver bullet for virus, yet a honey for the malign. Concerns over the COVIDSafe app. (Paywall.)

Grey zone strike means cyber war–need to consider both technical and startegic responses. (Paywall.)

We have no strategy for tackling the dark side of digital, on the Federal Government’s cyber security strategy. (Paywall.)

Australia needs a new cyber minister and a new cyber agency, as that would offer both focus and balance. (Paywall.)

Cyberspace is the new wild west frontier between nations. Thinking about cyber, cyber war and how it fit with other means of coercion continues to evolve. (Paywall.)

The strategic costs of adopting technology. There are reasons for adopting others’ technology. But it should not be the only means of technological lift.