Satellite refuelling: ‘Orbit Fab, a startup developing in-space satellite refueling services, has raised $28.5 million to accelerate work on its first missions.’

Biodegradable seed robots, used for monitoring soil and air quality. Created using 3D printing and electrospinning techniques, so they are wireless and battery-free. Very cool.

Lunar water? One study finds water, or at least hydroxyl, in glass beads on the surface, another identifies water signatures around the Moon’s south pole.

Apple’s Lockdown Mode looks to be effective at blocking Pegasus spyware–for the moment. Meantime, Mac ransomware samples have been found.

Google’s Threat Analysis Group updates on Russian information operations against Ukraine, including FROZENBARENTS/Sandworm targetting of energy and defence sectors and disinformation, propaganda and phishing activities.

Games offer a useful means of educating people about disinformation and propaganda (from the Economist).

The Biden Administration is looking to shape 6G development.

Recorded Future has released a cyber intelligence AI tool based on OpenAI’s GPT model and trained on a decade’s worth of technical data. Given LLM models are prone to hallucinations, it could introduce a new level of uncertainty.

From Communications of the ACM, ‘Do the Right Thing‘: ‘Acting ethically means following the law, except when it does not. Laws are not automatically right, and they are never neutral. The legal system favors those who already have power. And what is criminal often says more about society’s biases and foibles than any underlying or consistent moral truth. This may seem like a radical claim. But computing professionals know firsthand that sometimes the law stands in the way of doing what is right.’