Western governments lack discipline in thinking about war, argues David Betz. Too often war is used against ‘something that’s really bad’, such as terror or drugs; as a means of sorting things out—to ‘do something’—until the politics catches up; or to prevent a possible, or imagined, worse scenario. Better to return to Clausewitz’s essential rules.

The UK may be looking to invest close to $A1.5 billion in supercomputing.

Frontier, Oak Ridge, the world’s fastest supercomputer (November 2022 Top500)

It’s getting harder to make easy money from ransomware. Moreover, ‘while ransomware may look like a huge market with thousands of participants, it’s still a small, traceable group of core actors that can be monitored.’

Interesting: the Australian Federal Police are part of a law enforcement action taking down the worldwiredlab site for selling malware–specifically a remote access trojan (RAT), Netwire. According to the US DoJ warrant, Netwire had been used in malware imitating Australian Tax Office emails.

An Iranian state-based hacking group COBALT ILLUSION/APT35/Phosphorous is targeting activists engaged in human rights campaigns and Middle Eastern political affairs research.

NVIDIA and its graphical processing units (GPUs) has long been a mainstay of the games industry. Now it’s benefitting from the growth of accelerate computing and AI, and most recently, ChatGPT.

Algorithms that trap people in poverty.

Female academics migrate shorter distances and to fewer countries than men.

Ichiwa, the mochi shop in Kyoto that’s now over 1020 years old.

Technical writing fellowship with Bellingcat.