Using a cyber shuffle to defeat hackers attacking military aircraft. The technique could help secure other small, constrained networks, such as in critical infrastructure.

Australian rare earth mines. Both processing and purchasing still seems to be highly dependent on Chinese interests, with a couple of possible exceptions–a processing plant at Nolans, and processing in South Korea for the Dubbo mine. The relationships between mines, financiers, processors and customers can be murky.

It’s ‘only going to get wierder from here’. Ethan Mollick’s guide on how to use Bing shows how to get the best without it–or you–going off the rails.

Bloom County

The top 100 AI papers in 2022. ‘Earlier reports that China may have overtaken the US in AI R&D seem to be highly exaggerated if we look at it from the perspective of citations. We also see an impact significantly above expectation from Singapore and Australia.’

A VR simulation of the decisions in a nuclear attack.

What it would be like to lose the internet for a day, a 2017 article. Six years later, after COVID lockdowns, we’re even more dependent on the internet.

Manufacturing the kit for the US Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT). ‘Each ACFT kit would include a hex barbell, 18 bumper plates, and a pair of barbell collars for the deadlift; two 40-pound kettlebells for the carry; a sled for the drag; and a ten-pound medicine ball for the toss.’