Kori Schake–always worth reading–on the Biden Administration’s foreign and defence policy.

CNAS report on Chinese nuclear capability. Current constraints on its capability have weakened or may well do so as China increases its warhead stockpile from 400 to around 700 in 2027, and potentially 1500 by 2035. Modenisation and expansion efforts include delivery vehicles and command and control.

For the first time, a majority of Japan’s public supports the country expanding its security alliance with the United States—thanks to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

A CGI’d Peter Cushing/Grand Moff Tarkin, Rogue One

Trends in AI: in film, a culture of recycling old stars, and a form of immortality.

World’s first graphene circuit generates limitless power from the natural movement of a single layer of carbon atoms.

A ‘digital twin’ for intense weather simulation.

The 2038 problem–it’s like Y2K, for all 32-bit systems.