Inside some of South Korea’s mandatory ‘security’ spyware.

Nick Cave doesn’t think much of ChatGPT.

Noah Smith comments on some of the changes in Japan over the last decade: more than meets the jaded eye. I wasn’t aware, for example, that Japan now has the highest birth rate in East Asia, and am taken by Japan’s rebuild cycles.

An investigation into the trading of carbon credits finds a lucrative offsetting industry and a lack of commensurate carbon reduction.

The cult of bike helmets: ‘”Putting the responsibility of safety solely on individual shoulders all but guarantees failure”‘. Some people swear by bike helmets; I find them offputting, but then I grew up riding my bike without a helmet in a country town.

Liberica, the future of coffee?

Non-alcoholic beer may be better than regular sports drinks for recovery.

‘But, as “Argentina, 1985” reminds the audience, these events marked the first time in history that a military dictatorship was tried and brought to justice by civilian courts.’ Looking forward to seeing it.