Well, early-ish week this week. Distracted writing a couple of other things.

The adequacy–or not–of the concept of ‘terrorism resilience‘ (open access article). In short, ‘resilience’ is too burdened with meaning and too subject to broad and varied definitions to have value as a scientific concept.

Building new things gets all the attention, but maintenance is as important. That can be tough for infrastructure as mundane as roads; it’s absolutely wicked for high-end deeply scientific applications, as can be found in meteorology, for example, or particle physics.

Cars are digital devices, too, and so vulnerable to tracking as well, as per the case with a Chinese tracking device found in (at least?) one British government car.

Californian digital number plates hacked.

Israeli spyware sold to Bangladesh via Cyprus, Switzerland and Singapore.

How law enforcement has co-opted COVID health tracking to expand surveillance and control, in China, Israel, India, and, yes, Australia.

Roman concrete self-heals; researchers now know how.