Or maybe weak early links. These are a few of the attention sinks I found over the last few days. Most pose further questions.

Thanks to ChatGPT, cyber just got so much easier–and security harder, for the good side.

A 2019 argument in Foreign Policy that China’s record on intellectual property was improving. Given what we’ve seen in cyber–notably the theft of IP–and now under the pressure of the CHIPS Act, if true at the time, does that hold now?

Nuclear energy start-ups. Not apparent here in Australia, but there’s a lot of renewed interest in nuclear energy, because of climate change and environmental concerns, and because modern economies and technologies need increasing levels of comparatively cheap, reliable energy. I expect further interest in Europe has been spurred by Russian behaviour.

An 2019 IMF working paper by Reda Cherif and Fuad Hasanov on ‘true industrial policy’–the ‘technology and innovation policy’ pursued by the Asian success stories. Useful grist for thinking about how to realise/take advantage of AUKUS.

Some of the issues confronting open source software developers through prospective compliance overload, specifically from the EU’s proposed cyber resilience act.