It’s been a fairly full few months, with some family matters and a trip overseas–there went August, September, October.

June was a big month: I helped ASPI pull together a report on a prospective hybrid threat centre for the Indo-Pacific, co-wrote a blog for ASPI on the topic and then a piece for Nikkei Asia.

In July I attended the RAN’s Seapower Conference, and spoke on a panel on cyber shaping in the maritime grey zone. Further reflecting cyber in the context of some of the commentary on Ukraine, I came to the broad conclusion that it is still early days, for all the colour, movement and constant bad news.

August took me back to thinking about government ICT–and how government itself is structured–with a piece, ‘From digital delivery to digital democracy‘, in an InnovationAus initative, the Innovation Papers. Highly recommended–there’s some good thinking in there by a range of contributors.

I’d been thinking for some time about how and why cyber is different. Some thoughts were finally published in early October, on the differing and entangled strategic logics apparent in conventional, nuclear and cyber.

And then there was a fun piece I’d written some time ago, drawing on Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials trilogy, to talk about data, devices and privacy. That made its way this month into a new publication, Circus Bazaar.

And this is where I spent a fair bit (too short!) of October.