So, I’m getting back to blogging: it’s been a long time.

This time, I want to focus on a couple of things. First, what I call ‘slow cyber’. I define cyber broadly: it’s the dark side of digitalisation. I’m more interested in the intersection of cyber and policy, strategy, and the effects it has on socio-technical trends. I want to spend some time thinking about the slow things, rather than the much more attention-grabbing frenetic motion we see constantly reported in the press. That fast movement needs context; we need to pause to see the patterns and anticipate strategic outcomes.

Besides, I haven’t the time or energy to constantly monitor incidents and comment, and there are people with much more technical expertise than I.

The second is to help me think may way through some strategy, systems and technology policy problems. One of the lessons of my thesis, years ago, was that writing helped me think, and so I want to do the same here. These will probably have an Australian policy focus, given that’s been my world.

Last, what the hell: I play games and read science fiction, so that may wend its way onto the site as well.